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Getting to know your Touchscreen Grill's controller display and functions.


Controller Display Buttons & Components



While the display features touchscreen capabilities, it still has a few standalone buttons located on the side of the screen:

  • (1) Main Menu
    From the menu, you can set up and monitor accessories, access grill care and maintenance, and sync your grill with your home’s internet and settings.
  • (2) Timer
    This timer is for convenience and does not affect grill operation. For example, if you need to baste your meat for 15 minutes, set the timer for 15 minutes. A tone will sound when the time is up.
    • Set the Timer
      1. Press and hold the timer icon.
      2. Use the selection dial to toggle between hours and minutes to set the time.
      3. Once the dial is pressed after choosing the time, the Timer is set, you will be returned to the home screen, and the Timer will automatically begin the countdown.
    • Cancel the Timer
      1. Press and hold the timer icon.
      2. You will see a cancel option.
      3. Select the cancel option.
  • (3) Keep Warm
    Maintains the grill temperature at 165°F (74°C) to keep food warm.
    • To initiate the Keep Warm function, press the keep warm icon. You may press the keep warm icon again to resume cooking at your desired temperature.
  • (4) Super Smoke
    Select SUPER SMOKE at any time during grilling when cook temperature is between 165°–225 °F (74°–107 °C) to increase the amount of smoke released for additional smoky flavor.


The display has two jacks used for the wired meat probes and the pizza oven probe.


The new, full-color display allows users to control their grill, but it also has video and troubleshooting capabilities, walking you through guides and offering detailed troubleshooting steps when errors pop up.

This advanced TFT display shows current temperature, status of cook cycle, and all things related to grill control and function. This display is also a touch screen and can be modified both via touch and via the selection dial.

  • HOME SCREEN: At Traeger, we keep it simple. The grill temperature is always displayed on the home screen. To set or adjust the grill temperature from this screen, simply turn the dial to your desired temperature and press the center of the dial.
  • HOME SCREEN FOOTER: For more information and shortcuts for additional functionality, simply tap anywhere along the footer to bring up the Traeger Dashboard.
  • TRAEGER DASHBOARD: The Traeger Dashboard can be accessed by tapping anywhere along the lower footer. From the Dashboard, you can monitor probe temperatures, induction cooktop heat levels, timers, pellet level, and more. As you set up more and more devices, scroll or tap arrows in the lower corners to see additional information. Want to keep an eye on your probes or accessories? Tap the pin in the upper right corner to pin this view and hold it constant throughout your cook. Tap again to return to the home screen view.

(7) DIAL

The selection dial to the right of the screen can be used to move up, down, left and right through the display menu. You can select any options on the display by pressing the dial. The dial is also used to set the temperature.

  • The dial is not used to ignite the grill. Grill ignition is done from the prompt on the touchscreen display.
  • Like other WiFIRE enabled controllers, the dial on a touchscreen grill allows for temperature to be adjusted in 5° increments.
  • Light ring around the Dial: White light circling the Dial means the grill's display is on, but idle. The light changes to orange once a cook has been initiated.

Menu Options

Main Menu

You can navigate to the main menu by pressing the top left button on the controller (three horizontal lines). Pressing the Menu button will toggle between the main menu and the grill's cooking dashboard.


The Main Menu options are presented in the following order:

  1. WiFIRE Connectivity
  2. Accessories
  3. Maintenance & Care
  4. About Grill
  5. Settings

WiFIRE Connectivity

Connect your grill to your home WiFi through Bluetooth assist. You can also pair the grill to any Traeger Bluetooth devices such as the wireless meat probes or the induction cooktop.


WiFi Info

yos - wifire connectivity - wifi details.png

  1. Network name
  2. Strength
  3. UUID
  4. FORGET NETWORK: pop-up with are you sure?


From the accessories' menu option, you can monitor all connected accessories and manage their settings — everything from temperatures, setting probe goals and calibrating each device.

  • Induction Cooktop
  • Bluetooth Probe (up to 4)
  • Wired Probe (up to 2)


Traeger Bluetooth devices can only be paired to one grill at a time. If you have multiple Bluetooth grills and want to use a paired device on another grill, you may forget the device on the first grill and then pair with the second.

Pair Cooktop

Before a cooktop is paired, the menu will say, PAIR COOKTOP. Once the cooktop is paired, the screen will just say, COOKTOP.

yos - pair cooktop.png  yos - cooktop paired.png

    • The cooktop just needs to be plugged in and the ONLY cooktop in range of grill Bluetooth. Screen will transition from saying, Searching for Cooktop, to Success!
    • After you get a pairing Success message, you will be able to then select either VIEW DEVICE or PAIR ANOTHER DEVICE.
    The device is paired, and this screen will show the device status.
    • FORGET DEVICE: removes the device from the grill, allowing it to be paired to another grill.
    • LEARN MORE: 2-3 slides similar to the tour guide with basic info about appropriate pans, how to use them, and what states mean what.

Pair BT-Probe

Once a Traeger X MEATER (TXM) Bluetooth prob is paired and assigned a number, the controller will display, PROBE #X.

yos - bluetooth txm probe not paired.png   yos - bluetooth txm probe paired.png

    • The probe needs to be charged and be the ONLY probe in range of grills BLE.
    • The screen transitions from Searching for Probe > Number Your Probe > Success!

Wired Probe

Once a wired probe is plugged into a jack, the controller will display, WIRED PROBE #X.

yos - no wired probe.png   yos - wired probe plugged in.png

  • If no probe is plugged in, POP-UP: NO WIRED PROBE DETECTED
  • As probes are plugged in they will populate, WIRED PROBE #X
    • SET GOAL ALARM: Here you can set a goal alarm and this information (and a shortcut to set/edit/delete) will also be found in the dashboard of the grill when the grill is running.

Maintenance & Care

Traeger® Grills are built with some of the highest quality measures in the industry; however, issues can arise. From this selection, check and diagnose any errors or issues that may occur with your grill. With more sensors than ever before, thanks to Smart Combustion Technology, we can better understand and more quickly diagnose these issues to keep you cooking.


Provides quick access to troubleshoot and clear any auger jams or errors.

  • CLEAR JAM: If there is a jam, use this function to unjam the auger. 
  • EVACUATE: Too many pellets in the tube? Use this function to evacuate from the tube
  • PRIME: While priming is no longer a manual step during seasoning, you can still use this function to prime the auger when needed.

Part Diagnosis

See Part Diagnosis & Self Test.

Self Test

See Part Diagnosis & Self Test.

Care Tips

Even the pros take time to clean, and a clean grill will maximize the performance of your grill.


We're always here to answer any questions. Refer to this contact information whenever you need it.

About Grill

From this selection, check WiFi information, model numbers, and regulatory information. You can also find Pro Tips here to learn about all the features and benefits of your Traeger® Grill.


This section contains a number of slides to educate on how to use and functionality of the product


Use the Settings selection in the menu to adjust display settings, temperature settings, and more.


PRO TIP: The controller emits a soft 'click' when scrolling between and selecting options. You can use the clicking sound to navigate between If brightness or language is off.


Rotate the selection dial to adjust the display contrast from 1 (low) to 10 (high). Default setting is 5. Press the center of the dial to confirm and return to the Settings menu.


Turns the grill control speaker on or off. The selected setting will be indicated with a check mark.


Turn and press the selection dial, or tap the screen to choose between degrees Fahrenheit (°F) and Celsius (°C). The selected setting will be indicated with a check mark.


Turn notifications on or off by turning and pressing the selection dial or tapping the screen to select. The selected setting will be indicated with a check mark.


¿Hablas Español? ¡Buenisimo! Use this setting to select your desired language.


Igniting and Cooking

The home screen of the Timberline & Ironwoods makes getting to grilling a breeze. See How to Start a Touchscreen Grill for step-by-step instructions on how to start up, ignite and start cooking.

Demo Mode

Unlike previous models, Demo Mode is not an available menu option; rather, dealers must follow a specific sequence to access Demo Mode. See Demo Mode.


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