Matchstick Holder - Flat Top Grill

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What the matchstick holder is, where it's located, and how to use it.

What Is a Matchstick Holder?

A matchstick holder is a part of most propane-fueled grills. It's used to manually light the grill in case the ignitor fails. The match is placed in the little coil part at the end of the holder. 

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Grills with a Matchstick Holder

Matchstick holders are found on Traeger's Flat Top Grills.

Where to Find a Flat Top Grill's Matchstick Holder

It is located underneath the grill next to the propane tank. It's a small, metal ring on a chain connected to the grill.

matchstick holder chain.jpg

How to Use a Matchstick Holder

  1. Place a match in the holder.
  2. Open propane tank and open the valves.
  3. Light the match. Hold the matchstick holder and insert the match through the holes under the burners.
    • You can also remove the cooktop and put the lit match next to the burner with propane flowing.

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