Wired Meat Probe Troubleshooting for Touchscreen Grills

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Timberline grills support up to two standard, wired meat probes that are connected via the controller display. These probes are the same wired meat probes used with all other Traeger grills.

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How Should Wired Probes Display Normally?

New Timberline & Ironwood displays have two probe jacks: 1 and 2.

yos-controller-wired probe jacks.png

When a wired meat probe is plugged into either or both of these jacks, you should see it appear on the screen with an icon of a wired probe and the number associated with the jack being used. Any connected wireless probes will have a probe icon with a Bluetooth symbol next to it.

An inactive probe will appear greyed out; a plugged-in probe should appear in orange and display the probe's current temperature.

INACTIVE (Probe not plugged into jack) ACTIVE (Probe plugged into jack)
yos-controller-wired probe not active.png yos-controller-wired probe-active.png

If you plug in multiple probes, you should see them labeled as '1', '2' etc.


Bluetooth probes have a Bluetooth symbol next to the probe. Wired probes have a wire symbol.



My Probe Isn't Showing on My Controller

  1. Make sure your probes are inserted fully into the probe jack. 
    • You should not be able to see the metal plug that inserts into the jack. The black or white part of the plug should be flush with the probe jack on the controller.
  2. Power cycle the grill.
  3. Confirm your grill is on the latest firmware.
  4. Test your other probe by plugging it into the probe jack.
    yos-controller-wired probe jacks.png
  5. If the wired probes don't register, keep them plugged in and run a SELF TEST to see if the probes fail or pass the test.
  6. Check if the probe jacks have any debris or moisture in them. 
    • If needed, clean out by turning off and unplugging the grill and then using compressed air or with a cotton swab (i.e. Q-Tip) with rubbing alcohol.
  7. Check both probes in each jack to determine if there is an issue with the jacks or the probes.
    1. Take one wired meat probe and plug it into jack 1.
      • Note if it registers correctly, displays 32°F, or doesn't register at all.
      • Wiggle the probe or jack to see if the probe registers or if temp changes when wiggling.
    2. Remove the probe from jack 1 and plug into jack 2.
      • Note if it registers correctly, displays 32°F, or doesn't register at all.
    3. Repeat with the second wired meat probe.
      • Probe reads correctly in one jack and not the other: There is likely an issue with the probe jack itself. Please contact Customer Support so we can help troubleshoot further.
      • One probe reads correctly in both jacks, but the other probe reads incorrectly: There is likely an issue with the probe itself. Replace the probe.

Probe Stuck on 32°F

32°F is the default reading that will show up on a grill's controller if the probe isn't registering correctly*. Seeing 32°F is indicates something wrong with either the probe or the probe jack.

*If the probe is inserted into cold meat or if the outside/ambient temperature is near freezing, then 32°F may be correct. If a probe is plugged in and sitting outside the grill, not inserted into anything, it should read the temperature outside.

If your probe is stuck on 32°F when it shouldn't be, run through the steps listed above, under the section, "My Probe Isn't Showing on My Controller." If the probe still remains at 32°F, please contact Customer Support.


Calibrating a Wired Meat Probe

While previous grills have the option to calibrate a meat probe from the controller, new Timberlines have enhanced chips that remove the necessity to calibrate a wired meat probe. You will not find a 'Calibrate Probe' option on these grills.

What to do if a Probe is Reading Incorrectly

If you believe your probe's temperature is way off, contact Customer Support so we can help troubleshoot further or replace the probe.


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