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New Timberline grills will take longer to reach temperature than other models, sometimes even twice as long. These grills are bigger and function differently, and you will see improvement in time to temp over time. 

Completing a successful seasoning process prior to any cook is crucial to the grill's ability to function at its optimal state. The grill's ability to get to temp more quickly will improve over time.

Initial Burn-In Time

The initial seasoning process sets the grill to 450°F/204°C. The time the grills take to get to temperature this first time can take up to an hour.


If you are concerned that your grill is not getting to temp, try the following:

  1. Check if your firmware is up to date.
  2. Check if your firepot is installed correctly.
    • Make sure the firepot not caught on the auger tube and to make sure the cardboard is not still underneath the firepot.
  3. If firepot and firmware check out, season your grill again.
  4. If you still have issues getting to temp, feel free to contact Customer Support for additional assistance. 

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