Side Shelf Replacement Instructions - Timberlines & Ironwoods

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The multi-purpose side shelf comes standard with every new Timberline and Ironwood model. It has two extensions of the Pop-and-Lock (P.A.L) Rail, compatible with P.A.L accessories, to create a custom grilling experience.



Differences on Side Shelf between New Timberlines & Ironwoods

Timberline_side_shelf_cooktop.jpg Timberline and Timberline XL
  • Come standard with the Induction Cooktop, which drops into and is installed into the side shelf.
  • When the cooktop/hob lid covers the cooktop, the lid acts as a functional workspace.

Ironwood & Ironwood XL

  • Same side shelf as Timberline models
  • Flat insert replaces the induction cooktop, creating a completely usable work space.


Applicable Part Numbers

If you need to replace your grill's side shelf, please contact Traeger's Customer Support.

  • KIT0650 - Side Shelf with Insert
  • KIT0649 - Side Shelf without Insert
  • KIT0705 - Side Shelf Insert

Side Shelf Dimensions

  • Width: 444 mm | 17.5" (From side of grill to edge of shelf: )
  • Depth: 530 mm | 20.8"

How to Install a Side Shelf

Use the following instructions to install a side shelf, with or without an induction cooktop, on any of Traeger's new Timberline or Ironwood models.

These steps are also found in the grill's assembly guide: Page 4 for Timberline models; pages 5 & 6 for Ironwood models.

  1. If replacing, remove the existing side shelf.
  2. Attach the shelf brackets to the shelf base.
    Side_Shelf-Assembly-Ironwood.jpg   Side_shelf-Assembly-Ironwood-brackets_to_shelf.gif
    1. Line up the shelf brackets with the shelf.
    2. Place both kinds of washers on the Phillips-head screws and use to attach the brackets to the shelf and tighten the screws.
  3. Attach the shelf to the body of the grill.
    1. Insert the four (4) hex screws into the body of the grill and partially tighten.
    2. Line up the keyholes located in the side shelf brackets with the four screws in the grill body and slide the shelf onto the screws. Tighten the screws using an allen wrench.
      Side_Shelf-Assembly-Ironwood-3.jpg  Side_Shelf-Assembly-Ironwood-Attach_shelf_to_body.gif
  4. If installing a shelf inset instead of the induction cooktop (Ironwood & Ironwood XL), secure the shelf insert onto the top of the shelf frame.
    Side_Shelf-Assembly-Ironwood-4.jpg  Side_shelf-Assembly-Ironwood-Shelf_insert.gif
  5. If needed, install the P.A.L Rails onto the side shelf
    1. Attach the P.A.L Rail bolts to the side shelf
      Side_shelf-Assembly-Ironwood-PAL_rail_bolts.gif   Side_shelf-Assembly-Ironwood-back_bolts.gif
    2. Attach the side shelf P.A.L rails to the side shelf--beginning with the front rail and then the side rail--by sliding the P.A.L Rails onto the bolts and push down to secure the hooked brackets to the bolts.



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