Replace a Timberline Pellet Cleanout Slide

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The pellet cleanout slide is a sliding mechanism located at the bottom of the hopper, which allows users to easily empty their hopper, whether it be for troubleshooting or just to swap out pellet flavors. The pellet buckets fit directly under the hopper, so when a customer is ready to empty their hopper, they can just pull the cleanout slide and the pellets will empty directly into the pellet bucket.

Part Number: KIT0704


IMPORTANT: Before proceeding

To continue you'll need to remove your hopper service panel. To remove this panel for the first time, you'll need to use an impact driver to remove the screws behind the P.A.L rail on your hopper service panel. 

  1. If this is your first time removing the hopper service panel and you don't have an impact driver of your own. Contact our customer support team and we'll send you a complimentary manual impact driver.
    • If you already have a manual impact driver, proceed to removing the hopper service panel.
    • If you have already removed the service panel screws, you can disregard the impact driver and use a regular Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Once you've removed the screws using the impact driver, continue with the next steps outlined here in this article.



  1. Remove hopper service access panel.
  2. Remove 1 screw from the cleanout stop on the backside of the pellet chute.
  3. Pull pellet clean out slide out.
  4. Replace the clean-out slide.
    • Make sure to manually guide the clean-out slide through the front and back of the clean-out shoot.
  5. Re-install cleanout stop and secure with 1 screw.

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