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The hot rod service panel on new Timberlines and Ironwoods holds the hot rod and the flame sensor, both of which are replaced with a new hot rod service panel. 


Applicable SKUs

KIT0636, KIT0639, KIT0631, KIT0876, KIT0685


Replacing a Hot Rod Service Panel

To replace the hot rod on a new Timberline or Ironwood grill, we suggest to replace the entire Ignitor & Flame Sensor Assembly. The AC Ignitor Wire Harness (KIT0685) needs to be replaced at the same time. Check Wiring Harnesses to see how it all connects.


  • Phillips screwdriver

  1. Open the cabinet door.
  2. Remove 4 screws holding the hot rod service panel in place.
  3. The hot rod service panel will drop down and allow access to the Hot rod.
  4. Disconnect the two connecters for the hot rod and flame sensor.
  5. Remove screw that is holding hot rod to service panel.
  6. Slide hot rod out
  7. Replace with new hot rod making sure the end of the hot rod is only exposed about 3/4" (20 mm).
  8. Reinstall screw that holds hot rod to service panel.
  9. Connect the connections for the new Ignitor and Flame Sensor Assembly.
  10. Reinstall the 4 screws on the assembly base to secure it to the grill.

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