Ignitor not Detected - Timberlines & Ironwoods

What's in This Article?

What to do when your grill gives you Error: 0010 Ignitor Not Detected error on your new Timberline or Ironwood grill. 



What Does the Grill Do when this Message Occurs?

The grill will shut down and will not allow users to start a new cook.


The grill has detected an unexpected current through the ignitor or does not detect an expected current.

What to Do

Safety Considerations: Ignitors can be hot enough to cause burns. Users should ensure that ignitors are not hot before handling them.

  1. Check your grill's firmware to make sure it's on the latest version.
  2. If your firmware is on the latest version, you'll need to replace your hot rod. Give our Customer Support team a call and we'll get you set up with a new hot rod and the right tool to replace it.


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