Consumer Insights Surveys

What's in This Article?

Look out for our Customer Insight Surveys for a chance to win a gift card! 


What are Consumer Insight Surveys?

Traeger's Marketing/Consumer Insights Team occasionally sends consumer insight surveys to our customers via email. 

These surveys are sent from

Surveys begin with a series of "screening" questions. Examples of screening questions include family size, location, grill usage, how long they've owned a Traeger grill, etc. Not all customers meet the qualifications Traeger is seeking for each survey.

What Incentives Does Traeger Offer for Completing These Surveys?

Upon qualification and survey completion, customers are usually rewarded with a small, low-dollar (e.g. $5) gift card. Survey rewards vary, but often consumers are given a choice to receive a gift card to one of a pre-selected list of companies.


When Will I Get Their Survey Gift Card?

The customer will receive their gift card via email within two weeks of completing our survey. 

If you haven't received your gift card after two weeks, please contact our Customer Support team.


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