How to Delete Your Traeger Account

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We understand that your personal information is, well, personal. Feel free to review Traeger's Privacy Policy page to understand how Traeger uses and protects your data. 


How to Delete Your Traeger Account

Use the form below should you wish to provide feedback or if you have questions or concerns, or wish to exercise your rights related to your personal data.

  1. Open and fill out the Traeger Privacy Webform
    • By submitting this form, you may request any of the following:
      • Deletion of your personal information from Traeger’s systems.
      • Discovery of your personal information in Traeger’s systems.
      • Correction of your information in Traeger’s systems.
      • Opt-out of the sale of your personal information to third parties
      • Opt-out of the use of your personal information as part of Traeger’s financial incentive programs.
      • Obtain Information about how Traeger sells or uses your information for a business purpose.
  2. Click, Submit Request

When Will My Request Be Completed?

Requests are completed within the timeframe required by the individual's country and state's privacy laws. 

Requesters will receive notification via the email provided when the request has been processed.


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