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The cause of a clicking sound in a Traeger grill depends largely on if you're using a pellet grill or a flat top grill. We'll cover how to resolve the issue in both types here.


Clicking in Pellet Grills

In Traeger's pellet grills, the cause and solution to a clicking sound depends on the speed of the clicking.

Slow Clicking - Pellet Grills


A slow clicking sound typically indicates a bent auger. This is uncommon, but when seen is typically seen in older non-WiFi grills. 


The chances of the auger screw being bent are small, but it is possible on older grills. 

  1. Remove the grill's auger following instructions based on the type of grill you have.
  2. Roll the auger on a flat surface. A good auger will roll smoothly. 
    • If the auger does not roll smoothly, replace the auger. 
  3. If the auger rolls smoothly, let's look at your auger motor.
    1. Reinstall the auger.
    2. Turn on and ignite your grill. 
    3. If you identify the clicking is coming from the auger motor, replace the auger motor.

Rapid Clicking - Pellet Grills


If you hear a rapid clicking, chances are you have an issue with your auger fan.

Auger fans exist only on AC grills (a non-WiFIRE-enabled grill or a 2018 Timberline) and is attached to your grill's auger, facing the sidewall of the hopper. When moving, the auger fan indicates that the auger is running. 

It is possible that the auger fan is hitting something nearby, such as the sidewall if the grill has been dented or a zip tie that keeps wires together that sit near the fan.


  1. To check if anything is in the way of the fan, remove the bottom panel of your hopper and examine if there is anything in the fan's path.
  2. If found, move the obstruction out of the fan's path. 


Clicking in Flat Top Grills

A clicking sound is normal when igniting the grill. The clicking comes from the ignitor as it sparks to ignite the propane coming from the burners.

Clicking when not in use, however, is a different issue.


The grill emits a clicking sound (as if you were pressing the IGNITE button), but the grill isn't on or you  aren't pressing any button.


This clicking is caused by the ignitor circuit getting wet, causing a temporary short circuit. This most often occurs in situations like the following: 

  • Grill being uncovered and exposed to rain, sprinklers, etc. for extended periods of time.
  • Flatrock exposed to water getting underneath the grill. 
    • This can occur with or without a cover. Most common if the bottom of the grill is exposed to sprinklers (e.g. grill is on the edge of a deck and sprinklers spray underneath it.


Unplug the grill and allow the grill to dry. The clicking should resolve on its own. 

  • Pro Tip: have the front of the grill facing the sun to facilitate faster drying.

To prevent potential of this occurring in the future, keep the grill covered and store the grill away from water sources such as sprinklers, drain pipes, etc.

If the clicking continues even after it dries, check ignitor placement in the grill. 


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