Auger Motor Leaking Oil

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What to do if your grill's auger motor is leaking oil. 

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What Does a Leaking Auger Motor Look Like?

If your auger motor is leaking oil, you will notice a trail of liquid (motor oil) leaking from the auger motor's bracket where the auger inserts into, and the oil pools near the base of the auger motor.


The oil often times has a sulfuric smell similar to rotten eggs. You may also hear the sound of metal-on metal grinding.

What Causes an Auger Motor to Leak Oil?

An auger motor leak is caused by the auger motor seal starting to break down.

What to Do If My Auger Motor Is Leaking

  1. Confirm that the oil is coming from the auger motor.
    • You will often see a trail of liquid coming from the point where the auger inserts into the auger motor. 
  2. Once confirmed, replace the auger motor. 

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