"Fan Disconnected" - D2 Grill Error

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What to do if a customer's D2 WiFIRE grill produces a "Fan Disconnected" error.

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The grill's controller displays a message saying, Fan Disconnected. If paired with the Traeger app, the app may also issue a push notification with the same verbiage. 

Common Causes

  • Fan wiring has disconnected from the back of the controller
  • Damage to the fan wiring harness
  • Induction fan needs to be replaced

What to Do

  1. Turn off and unplug the grill.
  2. Unscrew the controller and pull it out enough to see the wires connected to the back.
  3. Check if the fan is correctly connected to the controller (connector with the black, red, white, and tan wires).
    D2 Controller Wiring Connections.png
  4. Disconnect and reconnect to ensure a solid connection, even if the harness appears to be connected.
  5. Plug in and power on the grill and check if the error has cleared.
  6. Remove the bottom or side panel of the hopper so you can view the grill's internal components and locate the induction fan.
  7. Ignite the grill so you can check if the fan starts spinning.
    • If the fan is disconnected, the fan will not spin.
  8. Proceed based on your findings:

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