Using a Manual Impact Driver

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Learn how to use a manual/handheld impact driver to remove screws on your Traeger grill.


A hand, or manual, impact driver is a tool that can be used to remove any screw, but is incredibly helpful when trying to loosen stuck, tight, and even rusted screws and nuts.

How Do Impact Drivers Work?

Manual impact drivers are designed so that, when struck by a mallet or hammer from one end, it produces a quick and powerful rotational and downward torque that helps the screw or nut break free without risk of stripping the hardware.

When to Use an Impact Driver

On Traeger grills, manual impact drivers can be used to remove any screw. They are most effective when used on screws that have not yet stripped; however, they are also highly effective to help remove stripped screws too. 

Use an Impact Driver to Remove the Service Panel on New Timberline & Ironwood Grills

Owners of new Timberline and Ironwood grills manufactured before February 2023 should always use an impact driver when removing their hopper service panel for the first time. 

If you need to remove your Timberline or Ironwood's service panel for troubleshooting purposes or to replace a part, call us at 1-800-TRAEGER, and we'll send you an impact driver along with new screws.




  • Impact driver

  • #2 Phillips Bit (included with driver)

  • 3/8" Wrench (if removing the P.A.L rail)
  • Hammer or Mallet

The instructions below are specific to removing the hopper access panel on new Timberline and Ironwood grills. 

  1. Push down and twist left on the end of the driver to make sure it’s set to “R.”
  2. If removing a hopper service panel on a new Timberline or Ironwood, remove the service panel P.A.L. rail using a 3/8" wrench.
  3. Place the impact in the screw like you would with a screwdriver.
  4. it the back of the impact with a hammer or mallet (it may take a few times to loosen the screw).
  5. Once the stripped screw is loosened unscrew the rest of the way using either the impact driver or a Phillips screwdriver. 
    • If the screw is still tight and starting to strip, repeat steps 3 and 4.

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