Check if an RTD is Working Correctly

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Concerned that your RTD isn't working? Let's go through a few checks.

In order to accurately check your RTD, make sure your grill is turned off, cooled down, and out of direct sunlight. 

  1. Check for Damage.
    1. If your RTD is bent or chipped, or if it's not working as designed, call Customer Service.
    2. Is the RTD touching another part of the grill?
      1. If so, gently bend the RTD away from the wall or object it is touching and continue onto the next steps.
  2. Check the Ambient Air Temperature.
    1. Turn on the grill and ignite to any temperature.
    2. Take note of the initial temperature displayed on the controller, indicating the starting point of heating, and then compare it with the outside temperature.
      1. A working RTD should read within 20°F/11°C of the ambient air temperature.
        • Grills in direct sunlight and those being used during the peak of summer months will likely read temperatures beyond our accepted variance. You should not replace an RTD using ambient temperature methods under these circumstances.
      2. If your grill is reading more than 20°F/11°C from the local temperature, call Customer Service to see if you need an RTD replacement.

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