Grill Lost Connection/Grill Offline Troubleshooting

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Did your grill that was previously connected to WiFi lose connection? Is it struggling to maintain a connection? Let us help you get back online. Go ahead and give these a try before calling your Traeger Tech.


For assistance with any of the following situations, please see the accompanying articles below:


Diagnose WiFi Disconnection Issues With Our Self Serve App

You can troubleshoot your home network to help with grill setup and disconnections using RouteThis Helps, an app for your iOS and Android phone or tablet.

  1. Download the RouteThis Helps app for iOS or Android.
  2. Open the app and tap Begin.
  3. Enter the code, TRGR.
  4. Stand next to your grill and tap, Network Scan. Keep the app open during the 2-minute scan.
  5. Tap Improve Traeger Performance and follow the instructions in the app.


Error Messages

Troubleshooting Steps

Check the Grill

There are only a few problems with the grill itself that can cause connection issues.

  1. Did you change your WiFi network? Possibly a new ISP or router, or a change in your password or network name?

      1. If so, forget the network on your grill and try to pair again.

        1. How to Pair (Android)
        2. How to Pair (iPhone)
  2. Check if your grill is already paired.

      1. On the grill’s controller, navigate to MENU > WIFI INFORMATION.
        • If there is a WiFI network name here, the grill is already paired to a network.
      2. If the grill is connected to the correct WiFi on the controller, but is not connected within the app, go to Grill Appears Offline in App.
      3. If the grill is connected to the incorrect WiFI network, forget the network and try to pair again.
  3. Check the distance from your router.

      1. Ideally, your grill should be within 30 feet (9 meters) of your router. The number of walls/barriers between your router and your grill may also affect connection strength. If you feel this may be a culprit, consider purchasing an extender.
  4. Reset the grill's WiFi.

      1. On your controller navigate to MENU > WIFI INFORMATION.
      2. While on the WIFI INFORMATION screen, press and hold the IGNITE button for 10 seconds.
      3. Power Cycle the grill.
      4. Turn off and unplug the grill.
      5. Flip the power switch to the on position and wait 10 seconds.
      6. Flip the power switch to the off position.
      7. Plug in and turn on the grill.
  5. Attempt to pair again.

Check your App's Setting & Version

Ensure the app version and settings are correct for pairing.

  1. Check your app version.
      1. In the Traeger app, tap Account Name at the top of the screen.
      2. Scroll to the bottom to view the Version.
      3. Compare app version to
        1. If the app version is out of date, go into the device app store (Apple App Store, Play Store) to update the app.
          1. After updating the Traeger App, attempt to pair again.
        2. If the app version is up to date, continue troubleshooting.
  2. Clear the app's cache.
    • iOS: Delete and reinstall the app
    • Android: Varies on device, but customers can either clear the Traeger App cache data or all device cache data.
      1. Device Setting > App Settings > Traeger App > Storage > Clear Cache Data
  3. Attempt to Pair

Check your Home WiFi Setup

The majority of the time, there is an issue with a customer’s home wifi that does not allow the grill to pair. Go through Home WiFi Set-Up to ensure the customer’s Wifi is set up for grill pairing.

If you have an EERO router, check out our EERO-specific troubleshooting.

Check for iCloud Private Relay (iPhone ONLY/IOS 15)

iOS 15 introduced a feature called Private Relay for iCloud Plus users. This feature must be turned off while pairing the grill. It can be turned back on after successful pairing.

  • Only users who have iCloud Plus have Private Relay. Some users may not know if they have iCloud plus. If the customer cannot find Private Relay, they don't have iCloud Plus.

How to Turn Off or Check for iCloud Plus/Private Relay.

  1. Go to your phone's Settings.
  2. Search for Private Relay.
    1. If you do not see Private Relay, you are probably not an iCloud Plus user, and therefore do not have it. Skip this section.
  3. Make sure Private Relay is set to OFF.
  4. Try pairing again. You may turn Private Relay back on once paired successfully.

Still Not Successful?

If you go through the steps above, try using a different device to pair. If you still cannot get your grill to connect, contact Customer Service.


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