How to Shut Down Your Traeger Pellet Grill

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How to properly shut down your Traeger grill. Each type of grill's shutdown cycle works a little different, so it's important to make sure you're following the correct process.

Why is Proper Shutdown Important?

The shutdown cycle is crucial to the success and high-quality grill performance of your Traeger® Grill. Shutdown cycles prevent future adverse effects and get your grill properly set up for the next cook. Always initiate a shutdown cycle after each and every cook. The shutdown cycle minimizes your risk for future adverse events like backburn.

Backburn and Grill Fires

Backburn is when the pellets in the auger ignite and begin to burn.

When a customer turns off their grill without using the shutdown feature, mechanical components like the auger stop functioning; meanwhile, the fire is still burning at full force in the firepot. This can lead to a warped auger, a jammed auger, and grill fires.

Improper shutdowns can also prevent the grill from burning off the build-up of pellets in the firepot at the end of the customer's cook. The next time the customer starts their grill, there may be too many pellets in the firepot and cause a grill fire.

How to Shut Down a Timberline & Ironwood 

Allow the shutdown cycle to complete for the proper operation of your grill. Do not press the main power button on the front of the grill to OFF or unplug your grill prior to completion.

The shutdown cycle on new Timberline grills will run for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the previous set temperature.

To initiate a shutdown cycle, turn off your grill in one of the following three ways:

Option 1: Press and Hold the Display Dial

Press and hold the selection dial down for 3 seconds, until the screen registers and shows “SHUT DOWN CYCLE IN PROGRESS.”

Option 2: Turn the Display Dial

While setting the temperature, turn the selection dial all the way to the left and push to select SHUTDOWN.

Option 3: Use the App

Use the Traeger app to initiate the shutdown cycle on your grill from anywhere at any time.

How to Shut Down a WiFIRE Grill

These steps apply to Gen 1 WiFIRE grills including the Pro 575, Pro 780, Ironwood 650, Ironwood 885, Timberline 850, Timberline 1300, Century 885, Silverton 620, and Silverton 810

The shutdown cycle on WiFIRE-enabled grills will last between 15 and 25 minutes, depending on the grill's temperature at shutdown. Once the shutdown cycle is complete, the grill will deliver a small number of pellets into the firepot to aid with future cooks.

You can shut down a D2 grill either from the grill's controller or from the Traeger app.

D2 Controller Shutdown

If your controller has an illuminated standby button:

  1. Press the standby button for 3 seconds.
  2. The grill will enter the shutdown cycle.
  3. Once the shutdown cycle completes, the controller screen will turn off.

If your controller does not have a standby button:

  1. Press the controller's selection dial for 3 seconds.
  2. The grill will enter the shutdown cycle.
  3. Once the shutdown cycle completes, the controller screen will turn off.

Traeger App Shutdown

  1. Open the Traeger app.
  2. Tap the grill banner at the bottom of the app page.
  3. Tap the Shutdown button.
  4. Drag the fire button down to confirm grill shutdown.
  5. The grill will enter the shutdown cycle.
  6. Once the shutdown cycle completes, the controller screen will turn off.

How to Shut Down an AC (Non-WiFi) Grill

Shutting down an AC grill is easy; the steps to do so depend on the type of controller the grill has.

ARC Controller

The shut down cycle on a grill with a ARC controller will take around 10 minutes.


  1. Hold the middle button for 3 seconds.
  2. OFF will flash for several seconds and the grill will go into the shutdown cycle. 
    • To cancel the shutdown process, press the center button while the display is flashing, OFF
  3. The screen will begin a 10-minute countdown, scrolling between COOL DN and the grill's current temperature until the grill cools down to a safe temperature. 

Digital Controller

The shut down cycle on a grill with a digital controller will take around 10 minutes.


  1. Turn the controller knob to Shut Down Cycle.
  2. The screen may flash Sdn (also looks like 5dn)
  3. The grill will continue to run the induction fan as it burns off any excess pellets in the firepot.
  4. After 10 minutes, the controller will power off and the fan will stop running. You can now power off your grill.

Digital Controller With No Shut Down Cycle Option

  1. Turn the knob to the lowest setting with the lid closed.
  2. Wait 10-15 minutes.
  3. turn off your grill.

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