Touchscreen Controller Display Issues

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Common and not so common issues you may experience with a Touchscreen controller display.


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Dimming Display

If the display is hard to see due to the current lighting, adjusting the display's contrast is recommended.

This issue is commonly mistaken for the controller not powering on. If the controller is on but the display is hard to read, follow next steps. If it's not turning on at all, see, Touchscreen Controller Display Not Turning On. If the grill is not turning on at all. see Not Getting Power - Touchscreen Grills

Dim screen on Yos.png Dimmed screen on Yos.png
                             Touchscreen grill with very dimmed display.

What To Do

If the screen is dark, follow these steps:


PRO TIP: The controller emits a soft 'click' when scrolling between and selecting options. You can use the clicking sound to navigate between If brightness or language is off and the customer 

  1. Go to Settings on the menu
  2. Select Brightness
  3. Rotate the selection dial to adjust the display contrast from 1 (low) to 10 (high). Default setting is 5.
  4. Press the center of the dial to confirm and return to the Settings menu.


Display Stays Dim After Contrast Adjustment

Is this your very first use? If this is a new grill out of the box, please reach out to customer service.


Direct sunlight may overheat the display and it may turn off backlight for protection.

If the grill is continuously facing the sun, as a defense mechanism the display may shut off. 

Does the grill face the sun on a regular basis?

    1. Face the front of the grill away from the sun.
    2. Leave the grill in this position overnight.
    3. First thing in the morning, check the display. If the screen darkening was due to heat exposure, the screen returns to normal function. Adjusting contrast to preference. For best results try to reposition the grill where the controller display is not facing the sun.
      • If the screen does not return to standard functionality after above test, contact customer service.

Flickering Screen

Are you seeing that your screen is flickering on and off? Take the next step to resolve.

Touchscreen display  flickering.gif
Touchscreen Display Flickering On and Off


What To Do

  1. Power Cyle the grill to see if there is a change in behavior.
  2. If no change, move to step 3.
  3. How long does the screen take to come back on?
    • If the screen takes 5 or so seconds before coming back to the cook screen, that might indicate an issue with the power cable to the display. Move to step 4.
    • If the screen takes less than 5 seconds, as shown in video above, move to step 8.
  4. Remove the Hopper Service Panel.
  5. Remove the Smart Combustion cover
  6. Locate the power wire. Follow the other end of power wire from the Smart Combustion Motherboard to the Display. Unplug it, make sure it is dry and there is no water around it, then plug it back in and make sure it is secure.

    Power to  touchscreen display.png

    Power cable to touchscreen display.png

    Power Wire on Smart Combustion Motherboard connection

    Power Wire on Display
  7. Power cycle the grill once again.
  8. If the screen does not return to standard functionality, contact customer service.


Dual Menu Images

On very rare occasions you may experience the display showing two Menu screens at the same time. If your customer is experiencing dual images appear on their screen, take the following steps.

Dual image on display yos
Touchscreen Display Showing Dual Images/Menus


What To Do

  1. Power Cyle the grill to see if there is a change in behavior.
  2. If no change, move to step 3.
  3. Switch between different Menu's to see if the dual image persists throughout different menus.
  4. If the screen does not return to standard functionality, please reach out to customer service.

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