Grill Igniting on Its Own

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What to do if you believe your grill has ignited on its own, without action on your part.

The only way a grill ignite is if you manually set it to do so. The Traeger app does not have an ignite function for this very reason.



The grill turns on and appears to ignite without the customer ever pressing the IGNITE button. This may be exhibited in a couple ways:

  • All components engage without the user initiating. The hot rod engages, igniting pellets in the firepot.
  • The fan turns on, but the hot rod doesn't heat up and the auger isn't turning, meaning there is no active fire.

What to Do

If you believe your grill has ignited on its own, do the following:

  1. Look for smoke coming from the grill, indicating there is an active pellet burn. 
  2. Open the grill lid and hover your hand throughout the grill, feeling for indications of heat. 
    • If there is no heat or smoke, chances are the fan turned on, but the ignitor did not actually turn on.
  3. If you can, leave the grill in its current state and contact Customer Support

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