Non-WiFi (AC) Grill Controllers

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There are several differences when comparing the different types of AC (Alternating Current) grill controllers, which are used on Traeger pellet grills without WiFIRE technology. This article breaks down the differences between these versions.

Which Controller Does My Grill Have?

There are quite a few variations of controllers that Traeger has used on its signature line of pellet grills over the years, each being calibrated and developed for its associated grill model in mind. In general, AC controllers fall into two main categories:

  • ARC Controller: Button-style control (left image)
  • Pro-style Controller: Dial-style control (middle & right images)
traeger-arc-controller-studio.png digital-thermostat-kit-meat-probe.png digital-thermostat-kit.png
ARC Controller Pro-style Controller


ARC Controllers

The digital ARC controller takes the functionality of the previous Pro-style controllers and introduced the ability to set a grill's temperature in five-degree increments, giving users more precise control over their cook. 

For more information on how to use an ARC controller, see, ARC Controller Guide.

different_5.png  arc controller back.jpg

ARC Controller SKUs & Grill Compatibility


Junior Elite 20
Tailgater w/ Digital Elite Controller

KIT0372 Ranger & Trailhead
KIT0573 Tailgater w/ARC Controller
KIT0758 Fremont


ARC Controller Specs

  • Button-style temperature control
  • Keep Warm Mode: Ensures the customer's food is ready when they are. *Includes adapter.
  • One meat probe jack

Pro-Style Controllers

Pro-style controllers, which feature a dial-style temperature control, are the most common type of controller you will find, particularly on older grills. While there are quite a few variations, there are three styles that we use on current and recent models:

  • Elite Digital Controller
  • Pro AGL Controller
  • Pro Controller with P-Setting

Elite Digital Controllers

Elite Digital Controllers generally have broader temperature swings as the temperature control is less precise.

different_1.png  Elite Controller.png

Elite Digital Controller SKUs

  • BAC236: Elite Digital Controller
  • KIT0569: Elite Digital Controller (COM200)
  • BAC390: Elite Digital PID Control Kit

Elite Digital Controller Documentation

Elite Digital Controller Specs

  • Red digital display
  • Knob-style temperature control
  • No meat probe jack
  • Maximum temperature of 450°F when set to HIGH

Pro AGL Controller

AGL stands for Advanced Grilling Logic, which results in more precise temperature control. Rather than using a P-Setting, AGL controllers automatically adjust auger behavior and speed (the rate at which pellets enter the firepot) to accommodate for variables like cold or hot weather.

different_3.png Pro AGL Controller.pngdifferent_4.png 

Pro AGL Controller SKUs

  • BAC331: Digital Thermostat Kit with Meat Probes (replaced by KIT0746 & KIT0747)
  • BAC365: Pro AGL Controller w/Meat Probes Blue (replaced by KIT0746 & KIT0747)
  • KIT0185: Pro Pid Controller 230v Ce Service Kit
  • KIT0330: Pro Digital (AGL) Control For 120v Large Cavity 2rpm Kit
  • KIT0746: Universal AGL Controller, 22
  • KIT0747: Universal AGL Controller, 34

Pro AGL Controller Documentation

Pro AGL Controller Specs

  • Blue digital display
  • Knob-style temperature control
  • Will have either one or two meat probe jacks

Pro Controller with P-Setting

While most P-Setting grills have been discontinued, grills like the Scout and the Junior 20 still utilize this controller.

See P-Settings to learn more about how P-Settings work.

controller_with_p_1.png  controller_with_p_2.png Pro Controller w:P setting.png

Pro Controller w/P-Setting SKUs

  • KIT0352: Pro Controller: Scout
  • KIT0278: Pro Digital Control - 120v Small Cavity (Junior 20) Kit 

Pro Controller w/P-Settings Specs

  • Identify P-Setting controllers by looking for a small hole or vinyl sticker on the upper-right corner of the controller (see photos above).
  • Blue digital display
  • Knob-style temperature control
  • Only one meat probe jack
  • Maximum temperature of 450°F when set to HIGH

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