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Information on the cooktop on a Traeger flat top grill.


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A cooktop is the cooking surface on Traeger's flat top grill. It sits on top of the grill above the grills burners, has two handles on either side for easy removal and a grease chute hole near the front-left of the cooktop for easy cleanup into the grill's grease keg.


A note about the grease chute placement: While other flat top grills put their grease chute in the back of the grill, Traeger has moved it to the front. This is because working with grease in inherently a messy experience. Moving the extra large grease keg to the front of the grill has the benefit of not making the customer move their grill to clean and empty the keg or potentially get grease on their house because of where most people will put their grills. 

There is an additional benefit of not having to reach across the cooktop to clean.



Installing a Cooktop

  1. Open Flat Top Lid
  2. Remove old cooktop
  3. Place new cooktop
  4. Season new cooktop following initial seasoning instructions.



Pro Tip: Your Flat Top Grill needs to be cleaned and re-seasoned after each cook to maintain its non-stick properties and to prevent rust. Save time by doing both steps at the same time!

  1. If the grill is not already hot, heat up the cooking surface on medium heat for 10 minutes.
  2. Using a scraper, scrape the entire cooking surface clean, directing any bits of food, grease, and water into the grease chute. Repeat as needed until all debris has been removed. 
    You can also add water to help loosen hardened or stuck debris.
  3. With the griddle still hot, apply a thin layer (about 2-3 Tbsp) of Traeger® Flat Top Grill Seasoning & Cast Iron Conditioner or a high-smoke-point oil like canola, grapeseed or flax oil. 
    Do NOT use Traeger All-Natural Cleaner on the cooktop.
  4. Use tongs clasping a clean towel or paper towel to distribute the conditioner or oil evenly across the entire cooktop, including the walls and edges.
  5. Heat until the smoking ends, indicating the conditioner or oil has burned off.
  6. Turn all knobs to the OFF (o) position and turn the propane tank valve closed. Closing the propane tank valve after every cook is best practice for safe storage.
    Once the cooktop cools, close the lid.
  7. To clean the body of the Flat Top Grill, allow the grill to cool and then use a cloth or paper towel and Traeger® All Natural Cleaner to wipe any messy areas on the Flat Top Grill body. 
    DO NOT use Traeger® All Natural Cleaner on the cook surface.
  8. If needed, empty the EZ-Clean™ Grease Keg and throw away the keg liner, replacing it with a new one. Pro Tip: Ensure the contents of the Keg are cool before discarding.
  9. Once the Flat Top Grill is completely cool, cover it with a Traeger® Flat Top Grill Cover. 

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