How to Find a Service Dealer

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What Is a Service Dealer?

A Traeger Service Dealer (sometimes called a Service Center) is a Traeger dealer that has become certified via Traeger's Service Dealer Program to work on and fix customers' grills. 

At this time, Service Dealers are available only in the US and Canada.

Does My Grill's Warranty Cover Service Dealer Services?

Traeger's warranty states, 

"Traeger’s entire liability and your exclusive remedy shall be replacement of the defective parts of your Traeger grill, if any... Traeger grills are designed to be modular for simple repair by regular users. Traeger’s entire obligation under this warranty shall be to provide you with replacement of any defective parts and to provide you with instructions on how to make the replacement yourself."

Our customer support team is available 365 days a year to help you navigate technical support and repairs.

Will a Service Dealer Come to My House?

Traeger Service Dealers reserve the right to accept or reject service requests and to determine if they will travel to a customer's house or if the customer needs to bring their grill to their location.


Find a Service Dealer Near You

  1. Go to 
    • You can also get to this page be clicking either Find a Store at the top of the page or in the Footer under Dealers.
  3. Select the Show Service Providers box and enter your zip code.
  4. Contact the Service Dealer nearest to you.

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