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This article explains Low Error Readings (LER), common causes, and how to resolve this error. 


LEr stands for Low Error Reading. It is an error message specific to non-WiFIRE grills, except for the 2017 Timberline 850 and the 2017 Timberline 1300.

Getting this message means that your grill dropped below 125°F for more than 10 minutes, causing your grill to shut off.


Below are possible causes that could make a grill display an LEr:

  • No pellets in the firepot
  • Too many pellets in the firepot
  • Faulty RTD
  • Low ambient temperature
  • Wrong chimney height
  • Bad induction fan
  • Windy weather
  • Poor pellet quality
  • P-Setting needs adjustment


  1. Turn off and unplug the grill and wait for it to cool before proceeding.
  2. Is the weather cold or windy?
    • If the weather is too cold, your grill may have issues reaching and holding the proper temperature.
      • Gusty and/or consistently strong winds can make it difficult for all grills, especially small grills, to maintain temperatures. In windy weather, try to locate the grill in a spot shielded from the wind.
  3. Remove the grill grates, drip tray, and heat baffle and check the firepot.
    • Clean the firepot and restart your grill.
    • See the Grill Startup Guide to find the proper startup procedure for your grill.
  4. Check the RTD for Damage.
    • Verify that the RTD temperature sensor is not bent or chipped.
    • If the RTD is bent or touching another part of the grill, gently bend the RTD away from the wall or object it touches and continue troubleshooting.
  5. Check if the grill is reading temperature correctly.
    1. Turn on the grill and take note of what temperature shows up on the controller.
    2. Compare this to the outside temperature. A working RTD should read within 20°F/10°C of the ambient air temperature.
      • Note that if the grill is in direct sunlight, it will read much hotter than the outside temp.
  6. Check your chimney.
    • If your grill has a chimney, make sure that the cap is at the right height: about a thumb's space between the chimney and the chimney cap.
    • Check the chimney to ensure it isn’t blocked with soot and buildup. Clean the chimney if necessary.
  7. Check the induction fan on your grill.
    • You should be able to hear this fan when starting your grill.
    • If there is no sound or is making squeaking noises, manually spin the fan with your hand to break up any grime.
    • If the fan still makes no sound and does not work, please contact Customer Service.
  8. Adjust your P-Settings (Pause setting)
    • The P-Setting (Pause setting) is used on some older grills to help monitor the grill's temperature when experiencing extreme cold or hot temperatures.
    • Try adjusting the P-Setting to a lower number if the ambient temperature is low.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service


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