Traeger Pellet Storage Bins

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Learn about Traeger's Pellet Storage solutions to keep your pellets in premium condition, free from exposure to humidity and other elements. 


Traeger has produced three pellet storage products in recent years:

  • StayDry Pellet Bin & Lid
  • Traeger 20 lb Pellet Metal Storage Bucket
  • Pellet Storage Lid & Filter Kit

Traeger StayDRY Pellet Bin & Lid

Keep your hardwood pellets fresh, dry, and organized with the StayDRY Pellet Bin. It features an airtight lid with locking closures that seals out moisture to ensure optimal burn and flavor from your pellets.


Applicable SKUs

BAC637, BAC615, KIT0665, KIT0707

*One StayDry Pellet Bin & Lid is included with purchase for Timberline and Timberline XL models. 

StayDRY Pellet Bin & Lid Specs & Features

  • Capacity: 22 lb. Perfect to store a full, 20-lb bag of Traeger wood pellets
  • Contents: Bin, Lid, 6 pre-labeled and 6 blank flavor stickers
  • Keeps your pellets fresh for optimal burn and flavor
  • Stacking design for easy organization
  • Airtight lid with locking closure
  • Warranty: Traeger's 1-year Accessories Warranty

StayDRY Pellet Bin & Lid Design

The StayDry Pellet Bin & Lid is designed in a stackable, storage-friendly, rectangular shape to be able to have multiple bins stacked or in a tidy row. It was also designed to fit perfectly under the new Timberline and Ironwood grills.

  • On new Timberlines, remove the wooden shelves where the wooden shelves can go so you can easily empty the pellets from your hopper to swap out different flavors.

Is the StayDRY Pellet Bin & Lid food-grade safe?

The StayDry Pellet Bin & Lid is not designed or intended for food storage, and does not qualify as food-grade safe.


Traeger 20-lb Metal Pellet Storage Bucket

Traeger's 20-lb Metal Pellet Storage Bucket has been discontinued.

This metal pellet bucket holds 20 lb of Traeger Wood Pellets and pairs perfectly with the Pellet Storage Lid & Filter Kit for the ultimate storage solution. 


Traeger Pellet Storage Lid & Filter Kit

Traeger's Pellet Storage Lid & Filter Kit has been discontinued.

With our Pellet Storage Kit, the customer can transform their 5-gallon bucket into a storage solution for a 20-pound bag of wood pellets.


Our Pellet Storage Kit includes a weather-resistant, airtight lid that keeps pellets dry. The lid’s pour spout makes filling the hopper with pellets simple. The pellet filter strains sawdust, ensuring the customer's grill stays clean.

Pellet Lid & Filter Kit FAQs

What plastic is the Pellet Lid & Filter Kit made of?

The Pellet Lid & Filter Kit is made of BPA-Free Plastic.

The lid doesn't fit on my bucket. What can I do?

Traeger's Pellet Lid & Filter Kit is designed to work with most 5-gallon buckets. If the lid fits too tight, soak the lid in warm water or heat using a blow dryer; this will expand the plastic, ensuring the lid fits properly on the bucket.


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