Low Flame on Flat Top Grill

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This article covers common causes of a low flame on a Traeger flat top grill and how to fix it.


Burners light but the flames are not at normal levels. The cooktop will not get very hot, even on high.

Common Causes of Low Flames 

  • Regulator hose is kinked, blocking gas flow
  • Regulator hose isn't fully connected to the tank
  • Tank valve is not fully open
  • Low fuel level in propane tank
  • Blockage in burner
  • Bad regulator hose


What to Do if Your Flatrock Flame Is Low

If your burners are putting out low or uneven flames, here are some of the possible causes and their resolutions:

  1. Empty or low propane tank - Replace or refill propane tank to resolve.
  2. Propane tank valve not opened sufficiently- The tank valve should be opened by turning it counter-clockwise until it stops and then turning it back one half turn.
  3. Regulator hose not fully attached to the tank valve - Correct by tightening the regulator fitting as much as possible by hand. Tell the customer to avoid using tools in case of damage.
  4. Bend or kink in regulator hose - This will restrict flow, and may cause a low flame or even no flame. Have the customer replace the regulator hose.
  5. Obstructions in the burner tubes- There may be environmental obstructions in the burner tubes when the grill has not been used for long periods of time. Tell customers to wrap the tubes in aluminum foil to avoid insects entering the burner holes.

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