No Gas in Burners

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Troubleshooting gas not getting to your flat top grill's burners.


  • Burners will not ignite with ignitors nor with other means such as a lighter or matches
  • There is no gas smell when burners are in the ON position
    • If there is a gas smell, propane is getting to the burners, and the issue is with ignition rather than fuel supply.


  • Empty gas tank
  • Tank valve is not fully open
  • Control valve(s) are not open
  • Regulator not fully connected to the tank
  • Hose is kinked blocking gas flow
  • Pressure regulator safety feature tripped
  • Bad regulator


  1. Check the propane tank level.
    • If empty, refill or replace with a tank that has sufficient propane.
  2. Check the regulator hose-propane tank connection.
    Propane tanks have a safety feature that will not allow gas to flow if nothing is connected, or it is not sufficiently tightened.
    1. Close the propane tank valve.
    2. Remove the regulator from the tank.
    3. Reattach the regulator hose to the tank, ensuring that it is fully seated into the tank valve. 
  3. Make sure there are no kinks in the regulator hose. 
  4. Ignite the grill.
    1. Make sure the propane tank is fully open.
      Open the propane tank valve (counter clockwise) until it stops and then turn it back 1/2 turn.
    2. Verify the control valves are open by setting the burner knob of the section you are lighting either to the ignite or the high position and try to ignite. 
    3. Press the IGNITE button or use a lighter/match to ignite the grill.
  5. If the grill still doesn't light and there is still no propane smell, check if the pressure regulator safety feature tripped
    Regulators have a safety feature that can trip and cause no or slow flow. This can trigger when the tank is closed while the control valves are still open, or if the tank valve is opened too quickly--especially if the control valves are already open when the tank valve is opened.
    1. To reset or "burp" the regulator follow these steps:
    2. Close control and tank valves.
    3. Remove the regulator from the tank and wait 30 seconds.
    4. Reconnect the regulator to the tank.
    5. Slowly open the tank valve, and try again
  6. If none of the above steps work, contact us.

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