Hot Burner Knobs

What's in This Article?

Understand expectations on how hot your flat top grill's burner control knobs can and should get, and best practices to avoid them getting too hot to touch.

Are Hot Burner Knobs Normal?

Grill handles and knobs may become hot to the touch or exceed safe touch temperatures when operated under extreme conditions including but not limited to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, high ambient temperatures, or in the event of a griddle or grease fire. ALWAYS use heat protection when operating or handling your grill under these conditions.

Tips to Avoid Hot Burner Knobs

Avoid the following scenarios in order to prevent your burner control knobs from getting too hot:

  • Preheating a long time (an hour) without food on the cooktop.
    • Burner knobs won't get as hot when cooking because the food on the cooktop absorbs thermal heat that otherwise would heat other grill components.
  • Cooking in the middle of the day in full sun.
  • Preheating or cooking with the lid closed -- customers should NEVER close the lid while the grill is hot.

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