510 Error

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So your grill is showing an error code, 510. Let’s figure out why it happened and what you should do to resolve it.  


What Causes a 510 Error?

510 errors appear only on Elite Digital Controllers, most commonly on BBQ124 Professional (Elite) and BBQ125 (The Executive) models.

This error indicates that there's a bad connection point between the RTD and the controller. 


What to Do If You Get a 510 Error

Check the RTD connection by following the steps below:

  1. Unplug the grill and remove the two Phillips head screws holding the controller in place.
  2. Loosen the flathead brackets holding the RTD wires in the green box.
  3. Completely disconnect the RTD wires from the green housing box. The screws do not need to be fully removed.
  4. Reconnect the RTD wires by tightening the flathead brackets. There is no specific order or direction that the wires need to be reinserted.
  5. Place the controller back in place and screw in the two Phillips head screws you removed earlier. Next, plug the grill back in and turn the grill on to see if the error still appears.
  6. If you still have trouble clearing this error, please contact our Customer Support team.

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