Apple Watch App Notifications

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The Traeger Apple Watch App has four specific error messages. Learn what they mean and how to resolve them.


Oh no! It doesn't look like you have any grills associated with your account


What does this mean?

This error means that you don't have any WiFIRE-enabled grills linked to your account.

What do I do?

You need to add a grill to your account via your iPhone app.


Login to Traeger iPhone app


What does this mean?

Getting this error means that you aren't logged into the iPhone app.

What do I do?

You need to log into the app on your iPhone.


<Grill name> is not supported by the Traeger watch app


What does this mean?

This error means that the current grill associated with your account is not a WiFIRE-enabled grill.

What do I do?

Connect a WiFIRE-enabled grill to your account.


Lost connection to Traeger iPhone app


What does this mean?

This means that the watch is not connected to your iPhone, indicating that the watch is out of range of the paired iPhone.

What do I do?

You need to bring your iPhone closer to your Apple Watch.


Loading grill information (Stuck on loading screen)


What does this mean?

The loading screen of the app may typically appear for up to 10 seconds. If the screen stays up longer than that, force quit the app on your watch and open it anew.

What do I do?

  1. Press and hold the Side button while the app that you want to force quit is still on-screen. Hold the button until the power-off screen appears.
  2. Let go of the Side button, then press and hold the Digital Crown until the app quits.
  3. Re-open the app.

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