Clean Grill Alert

What's in This Article?

What to do when a WiFIRE grill triggers a "Clean Grill" notification on the controller and/or in the Traeger app.


Why Did I Get This Alert?

The Clean Grill notification appears by default after 35 cooks and will continue to display until the user manually clears the error from the controller.

Once cleared, the counter resets and the alert will appear again after the following 35 cooks.


What to Do if You Get a "Clean Grill" Notification

Because this is an alert for informational purposes only, you can use the grill's Clear Notifications function to get rid of the alert. 

  1. On the controller, navigate to Menu > Settings > Clear Notifications.
    • Press the dial between each menu item to select.
  2. Select, Clear, pressing the dial to confirm the selection.
  3. The controller screen will return to the previous menu page that shows, Clear Notifications.

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