Auger Overcurrent Error

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Keep getting the "Auger Overcurrent" error on your D2 grill? This article will help you troubleshoot.

What Happens When a Grill Gets an Auger Overcurrent Error

When a grill produces an Auger Overcurrent message, the controller displays the error, and the app will push a notification.

Likely, the auger will stop turning and the grill will shut down.

Possible Causes

This error is specific to WiFIRE-enabled (D2) grills and occurs if the auger motor is damaged or jammed. Almost always, this is caused by wet pellets; however, it can also be caused by foreign, incompatible objects, such as charcoal or wood chips. 

What Is an Auger Jam?

An auger jam is when damaged pellets (or wood chips, charcoal, or foreign objects) get stuck inside the auger shaft, "jamming" or preventing the auger from being able to rotate as needed. 

Resolving an Auger Overcurrent Alert

To resolve an AUGER OVERCURRENT message, clear the auger jam.

  1. Empty the hopper.
    • If the Auger Jam is caused by wet pellets (most common), clean out all pellets in the grill and discard them. 
  2. Remove the grill grates, drip tray, and heat baffle.
  3. Clean the firepot and the bottom of the grill body with a shop vacuum.
  4. Run the CLEAR AUGER function.
    • Menu > Auger > Clear Auger.
    • The CLEAR AUGER function runs the auger forward and backward, attempting to break up what caused the jam and pushing it into the firepot.
      • The CLEAR AUGER function runs continuously until the user turns it off. Expect this process to take 15 or more minutes.
    • Be prepared with a way to scoop or vacuum out what the auger pushes into the firepot.
  5. When the auger tube appears to be cleared completely, turn off the CLEAR AUGER function.
  6. Ensure the auger tube is dry.
  7. When dry, refill the hopper with fresh, dry pellets.
  8. Run the PRIME AUGER function.
    • Menu > Auger > Prime Auger.
  9. Reinstall all internal components (heat baffles, drip tray, grates).
  10. Ignite the grill as normal. 

Feel free to contact Customer Support team if you run into any issues while clearing the auger jam.


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