Ignitor Replacement - Flat Top Grill

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Steps to replace an ignitor on a Traeger flat top grill.


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Ignitor: FTK0009

How to Replace an Ignitor on a Flat Top Grill

Flatrock-Control Housing Panel-Ignitor module.png

Pro Tip: Replacing this part is most convenient when done with two people


Phillips Screwdriver


  1. Unplug the grill from power, close the propane tank and disconnect the regulator.
  2. Open the lid and remove the cooktop.
  3. Find the ignitor needing replacing.
    • The flame sensor and the ignitor look very similar. The flame sensor is mounted on the bottom of the grill; the ignitor comes from the front where the knob is.
  4. Remove the screw holding the ignitor to the ignitor bracket.
  5. From underneath grill, find the control housing panel and remove the two thumb screws holding it in place. Slide access panel toward the front of the grill to remove panel.
  6. If working with another person, have the second person pull on the ignitor so you (while still under the grill) can identify which black braided ignitor wire harness to disconnect.
  7. Disconnect the ignitor wire harness by pulling it away from the wire harness box.
  8. Pull the ignitor away from the front of the grill, bringing its disconnected wire with it.
    You may have to pull out and slightly to the left.
  9. Have person 2 feed the new ignitor wire through its entry point in the grill's belly. When you see the wire, pull it through the bottom and connect it to the wire harness box.
  10. Secure the ignitor to the ignitor bracket with the provided screw.
    • The ignitors needs to be pointing toward the burners and the tip should be between 4.5 and 5.5 mm. 
      1. If the ignitor is too far, it won't spark or only one will spark.
      2. If an ignitor is too close, the spark will be weaker. 
  11. Make sure the ignitor wire harness is pulled entirely through the grill so it rests in the control housing before reattaching the control housing panel with the 2 thumb screws you removed in step 5.
  12. Power on the grill and press Ignite. Check that the spark from each ignitor is strong and consistent. If not, refer back to step 10. 
  13. Replace the cooktop.

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