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Information on Traeger's Pro 780 grill.



TFB78GLE Black US Active
TFB78GLEC Black Canada Active
TFB78GZE Bronze US Active
TFB78GZEC Bronze Canada Active



Owner's Manual English



Below are links help you get the most out of your Pro 780, whether it's learning best-use practices or how to resolve common issues.

Operating Your Pro 780 How to start/ignite your Pro 780
How to shut down/turn off your Pro 780
How to season your Pro 780
Cleaning your Pro 780
Navigating your WiFIRE controller
Connecting to WiFi & App Pairing How to pair a WiFIRE grill: iPhone | Android 
How to update your grill's firmware
Grill won't connect to WiFi/Grill won't pair
Error Messages & Notifications WiFIRE Grill Notifications
Temperature Management WiFIRE Grill Running too Hot
WiFIRE Grill Running too Cool
Temperature Swings



Controller WiFi Controller
Startup Procedure Closed-Lid Startup
Assembled Dimensions

48.7" L x 26.7" W 54.4" H

123.7cm L x 67.8cm W x 138.2cm H

Assembled Weight

145 lbs

65.77 kg

Package Dimensions

50" L x 22" W x 28" H

127 cm L x 55.9 cm W x 71.1 cm H

Package Weight

173 lbs

78.5 kg

Main Grate Dimensions

30" L x 19" D

76.2 cm L x 48.26 cm D

Main Grilling Area

570 sq. in.

3677.4 sq. cm

2nd Grate Dimensions

30" L x 7" D

76.2 cm L x 17.8 cm D

2nd Grate Grilling Area

210 sq. in.

1354.8 sq. cm

Total Grilling Area

780 sq. in.

5032.3 sq. cm

Barrel Size


76 cm

Hopper Capacity

19 lbs

8.6 kg

Maximum Temperature 500°F  260°C
Meat Probe Count 1
BTUs 17,500
Exhaust System Chimney
Pellet Evacuation Door
Pellet Sensor No;Not included; compatible as an upgrade
Super Smoke No





Cover BAC504: Pro 780 Grill Cover - Full-Length
Drip Tray Liner BAC520: Drip Tray Liners - 5 Pack - Pro 780
Folding Front Shelf BAC442: Folding Front Shelf - Pro 780/Ironwood 885
Grease Bucket Liner BAC407: Bucket Liner 5 Pack
Insulation Blanket BAC627: Insulation Blanket - Pro 780
Meat Probe BAC431: Traeger Replacement Meat Probe - 2 Pack
Pellet Bucket BAC637: Traeger StayDry Pellet Bin & Lid
Pellet Sensor BAC523: Traeger Pellet Sensor



Prior to purchasing replacement parts, we suggest contacting Customer Support to confirm the part you want is indeed the part you need.

If you want to use your grill's warranty you will need to contact Customer Support to place your order.

Hyperlinked SKUs are available to purchase on SKUs without hyperlinks require contacting Customer Support to order.



Auger Auger Assembly KIT0431: Auger Assembly: Pro 780, Ironwood 885
Auger Motor KIT0577: DC Auger Motor Kit
Backpack Backpack Cover KIT0492: Backpack Cover: D2 Timberline 850
Chimney Chimney-Barrel Gasket INS145: Chimney/Barrel Gasket Circle
Chimney Cap KIT0008: Black Chimney Cap Kit
Chimney Pipe KIT0005: Black Chimney Kit (No Cap)
Controller Controller KIT0410: WiFi Controller: Pro 780
Controller Knob KIT0580: WiFi Controller Knob
Drip Tray KIT0443: Drip Tray: Pro 780


Induction Fan KIT0411: Traeger D2 Fan Motor Kit

Firepot and Hot Rod Assembly

KIT0383: Traeger Hot Rod/Firepot Combo Kit
Grates Main Grate KIT0451: Grill Grate: Pro 780
Upper Grate  KIT0445: Upper Grill Grate: Pro 780
Grease Bucket HDW152: Grease Bucket
Handles Lid Handle KIT0429: Door Handle: Pro 780
Lid Handle Extension KIT0578: Handle Extension Kit
Side Handle KIT0423: Side Handle: Pro 575, 780
Hardware Assembly Hardware HDW333: Hardware Kit Pro 22/34
Heat Baffle KIT0450: Heat Baffle
Hopper  Hopper Access Panel KIT0414: Hopper Bottom Cover: D2 Pro Series
Hopper-Barrel Gasket INS144: Hopper Barrel Gasket (Square)
Hopper-Burner Assembly KIT0428: Hopper Burner Assembly: Pro 780
Hopper Lid KIT0432: Hopper Lid: Pro 575, 780
Hopper Pellet Guard KIT0413: Hopper Pellet Guard
Pellet Cleanout Door KIT0494: Pellet Dump Door
Insulation Heat Shield KIT0442: Lower Heat Shield: Pro 780
Legs Front Left Leg KIT0389: Front Caster Leg: D2 Pro, Ironwood, Timberline
Front Right Leg KIT0417: Front Wheel Leg: Pro 575
Rear Left Leg KIT0388: Rear Caster Leg: D2 Pro, Ironwood, Timberline
Rear Right Leg KIT0418: Rear Wheel Leg: Pro 575
Leg Brace KIT0424: Leg Brace: D2 Sawhorse legs
Caster Wheel N/A: Replace appropriate caster leg
Stationary Wheel KIT0297: Large Wheel: Pro 575/780
Lid Lid Assembly KIT0433: Door Assembly Bronze: Pro 780
KIT0430: Door Assembly Black: Pro 780
Lid Handle KIT0429: Door Handle: Pro 780
Lid Handle Extension KIT0578: Handle Extension Kit
Lid Hinge KIT0001: Door Hinge Kit
Probe Grommet BRN249: Silicone Probe Grommet
Right/Left Door Arc KIT0789: Right Door Stop
Meat Probe BAC289: Meat Probe 1 (Black)
Power Parts On/Off Switch KIT0358: Traeger On/Off Switch: Ironwood
Power Brick KIT0480: Traeger Power Brick Replacement Kit
Power Cord KIT0257: Traeger D2 Nema Power Cord
Thermocouple KIT0422: D2 Thermocouple: Pro, Ironwood



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