Timberline Controller Errors & Notifications

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Here you will find a comprehensive list of all the Error codes associated with the new 2022 Timberline grills. 

One of the great new features of the new Timberline grills is the increased level of error interaction with you, our customer. The new motherboard can detect issues more accurately and efficiently. Additionally, the larger display offers the opportunity to provide detailed feedback and instruction for each error the grill populates.

This table provides errors the grill is programmed to send. Click each title/link to each associated article to see further details and troubleshooting steps. 

Bad Probe Error
Error 0001: High Temp Error
Error 0002: Slow/Low Temp Error
Error 0006: Temp Sensor not Detected
Error 0007: Grill Failed to Ignite
Error 0009: Fan not Detected
Error 0010: Ignitor not Detected/Disconnected
Error 0013: Auger not Detected
Error 0014: Auger Jam Detected
Error 0017: Slow Ignition
Error 0023: Lid Sensor Error
Error 0024: Flame Sensor Error
Error 0025: Lid Sensor Disconnected
Error 0026: Ignitor Error Detected
Error 0027: Ignitor Not Recognized
Error 0028: Pellet Sensor Disconnected
Error 0031: Flame Sensor Disconnected
Flame Out
Lid Open
Low Ambient Temperature
Pellet Level Is Low
Mission Critical! Add Pellets

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