Timberline Wired Meat Probes

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Timberline grills support up to two standard, wired meat probes that are connected via the controller/display. These probes are the same wired meat probes used with all other Traegers.


  1. Plug the probe into the probe jack located on the WiFIRE® controller. Once connected, the controller will recognize the probe and a probe widget will appear in the Dashboard.
  2. Insert the probe tip halfway into the thickest part of the protein – avoid touching any bones or particularly the fatty portion of the protein. The probe needs to be in the protein at least 2 inches (5.1 cm). This probe may not be suitable if you cannot insert the probe into the thickest part of the protein and 2 inches (5.1 cm) into the protein. After your probe has been inserted, load your food onto the preheated grill.
  3. To cook to an internal temperature, set a probe goal alarm. When you first connect a Bluetooth or wired probe, a popup will provide a shortcut to easily set a goal temperature alarm. Select YES and follow the prompts.
  4. If you missed the popup, you can set a probe goal alarm via the (...) shortcut in the Dashboard underneath the probe widget, or via the 'Accessories' options within the menu.
  5. Use the selection dial to select the desired temperature for your probe goal alarm and press the dial to select and confirm.
    • Can't remember the safe internal temperature for Chicken Marsala? Tap SELECT BY PRESET to find a list of the food-safe temperatures associated with typical protein choices.
  6. A tone will sound when your protein reaches the set alarm temperature. If using the Traeger app, you will also receive a push notification on your connected smart device.


While previous grills have the option to calibrate a meat probe from the controller, new Timberlines have enhanced chips that remove the necessity to calibrate a wired meat probe. You will not find a 'Calibrate Probe' option on these grills.

What to do if a Probe is Reading Off

If you believe your probe's temperature is way off, contact our Customer Support.



  1. Power cycle the grill.
  2. Test your other probe by plugging it into the probe jack.
    • If you plug in multiple probes, you should see them labeled as '1', '2' etc.
    • Bluetooth probes have a Bluetooth symbol next to the probe. Wired probes have a wire symbol.
  3. If both probes appear on the controller screen, tap the probe you want to use.
    1. If your probes don't appear on the controller screen after plugging them in, contact Customer Support.

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