Timberline Display Frozen

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What to do if your Timberline grill's touch screen display is frozen/not responding.

Symptom 1: Stuck on Language Selection Screen

The grill's software version is on 01.02.13 and the display is stuck on the Language Selection screen.


  1. Do not uninstall the app nor remove the grill from the app and try to re-pair.
  2. Power Cycle the grill.
  3. If power cycling does not work, contact Customer Support

Symptom 2: Stuck on Other Screens

The grill's software version is 01.02.12 or older, and the display is stuck on a screen and won't respond. 

This issue is a result of a grill's name having more than 32 characters. We have resolved this in firmware version 01.02.13.


Because this was resolved in a new firmware version, power cycling your grill one or two times should prompt the grill to resolve the issue on its own.


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