Traeger X MEATER Wireless Meat Probes

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Traeger teamed up with MEATER when designing Traeger's touchscreen Timberline and Ironwood grills to create the Traeger X MEATER (TXM) Wireless Meat Probe. This probe creates a unique experience that pairs the probe directly with the grill. 


Owner's Manual

Traeger X MEATER Probes FAQs

Which grills can I pair with a TXM wireless meat probe?

  • TXM probes are compatible only with Traeger's touchscreen Timberline and Ironwood models.

How many TXM probes can I pair with my touchscreen Traeger grill?

  • Each of these grills can pair with and support up to 4 TXM probes.

How many probes are included with purchase of a touchscreen Traeger grill?

  • Timberline & Timberline XL: x2 TXM probes included with purchase
  • Ironwood & Ironwood XL: Not included with purchase

Can I purchase additional TXM probes for my grill?

I already have a MEATER probe. Can I use it with my Traeger grill?

  • MEATER probes will not pair with Traeger's touchscreen Timberline and Ironwood grills.

Can I pair my TXM probes with the MEATER app?

  • TXM probes will not pair with the MEATER app. 

How does a TXM probe differ from other MEATER probes?

  • TXM probes are a special collaboration that pair with Traeger's new Timberline series. While MEATER probes pair with the MEATER app, TXM probes pair directly with the grill and are managed either through the grill's controller or through the Traeger app.

How to Use Your TXM Wireless Meat Probes

  1. Once the grill is on, remove a charged Traeger® Bluetooth Probe one at a time from the charging dock and the controller will automatically recognize any previously paired probe. A probe widget will appear within the Traeger Dashboard where you can find additional information on probe status and shortcuts for setting probe goal alarms.
  2. Insert the probe tip halfway into the thickest part of the protein – avoid touching any bones or the fatty portion of the protein. The probe needs to be in the protein at least 2 inches (5.1 cm). This probe may not be suitable if you cannot insert the probe into the thickest part of the protein and 2 inches (5.1 cm) into the protein. After your probe has been inserted, load your food onto the preheated grill.
  3. To cook to an internal temperature, set a probe goal alarm. When you first connect a Bluetooth or wired probe, a popup will provide a shortcut to easily set a goal temperature alarm. Select 'YES' and follow the prompts.
  4. If you missed the popup, you can set a probe goal alarm via the (...) shortcut in the Dashboard underneath the probe widget, or via the 'Accessories' options within the menu.
  5. Use the selection dial to select the desired temperature for your probe goal alarm and press the dial to select and confirm. Can't remember the safe internal temperature for Chicken Marsala? Tap 'SELECT BY PRESET' to find a list of the food-safe temperatures associated with typical protein choices.
  6. A tone will sound when your protein reaches the set alarm temperature. If using the Traeger app, you will also receive a push notification on your connected smart device.

Usage Tips

  • Use probe only for its intended purpose of measuring the internal temperature of meat, fish, and poultry.
  • For best performance, DO NOT insert probe’s ceramic handle into the meat.
  • When cooking, ensure the probe is not touching any HOT cooking surface.
  • Avoid applying left/right/up/down pressure on the probe’s ceramic handle when removing from the meat. To remove, pull and twist on the same horizontal axis of insertion.
  • These probes can NOT be offset. If the probe is off by more than ±1°F (0.5°C), reach out to customer support.

Safety Warnings

  • Probe will be hot during or after use. Use heat-resistant gloves when handling probe.
  • Keep probe charging dock away from water and liquids. Failure to do so may cause electrical shock.
  • DO NOT use probe in a microwave or pressure cooker.
  • DO NOT place probe charging dock on any hot surface.
  • DO NOT drop probe onto hard surfaces.
  • DO NOT exceed probe internal sensor limits of 212°F (100°C) or probe ambient sensor limits of 527°F (275°C). Temperatures above these maximums may damage probe.
  • Due to high heat, it is not recommended to use wireless probes with the pizza oven mode.


Reading Probe Temperature

Once the probe is paired with the grill, the probe temp can be located in a couple different areas on the controller display.


Probe Temperature on Controller Display

Users can select the accessories option from the Menu. Once the Bluetooth Probe icon is selected, the temperature of each connected probe will be displayed.

Accessory menu.png Probe menu with temp.png

The probes temperature can also be found on the bottom half of the display as a pop up. 

pop up bar.png pop up bar with temp.png


Probe Temperature on Traeger App

User can select the grill they want to from their app.  Once it is selected, the probes temperature can be found in two areas. Customer can select the probe section by the timer or the connected probes section to open the probe window. Temperature for all connected probes will appear. 

Probes on Traeger App (1).png Probe temperature section on Traeger app.png


Checking Ambient Temperature of TXM Probe

The ambient temperature of the probe can be found on both the grill and the Traeger app prior to inserting the probe into the cook. The initial temperature displayed on the grill's display or the Traeger App once the probe is removed from the charging dock will be the ambient temperature


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