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How to replace a hopper/auxiliary fan, which is located inside your hopper and keeps the electronic components cool, on your Timberline grill.

NOTE: This fan is smaller and different from the induction fan, which is larger and responsible for controlling the temperature inside the grill. If you have questions about replacing the induction fan, see this article: Replace a Timberline Induction Fan.




IMPORTANT: Before proceeding

To continue you'll need to remove your hopper service panel. To remove this panel for the first time, you'll need to use an impact driver to remove the screws behind the P.A.L rail on your hopper service panel. 

  1. If this is your first time removing the hopper service panel and you don't have an impact driver of your own. Contact our customer support team and we'll send you a complimentary manual impact driver.
    • If you already have a manual impact driver, proceed to removing the hopper service panel.
    • If you have already removed the service panel screws, you can disregard the impact driver and use a regular Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Once you've removed the screws using the impact driver, continue with the next steps outlined here in this article.



  1. Turn off and unplug the grill.
  2. Remove the hopper service panel by removing the 6 screws located at the top and bottom of the panel and underneath the P.A.L rail.
  3. Find the fan housing cover near the front bottom of the grill, just to the left of the orange auger motor.
  4. Loosen the screws on the housing.
  5. Follow the wires from the fan housing to the wire harness connecter. Disconnect the two sets of wires.
  6. Remove the screws from the fan cover housing. You may need to use needle-nose pliers on the nuts on the bottom of the housing to be able to remove the screws.
  7. Remove the fan housing.
  8. Replace with the new fan housing.
  9. Replace the screws into the fan housing and tighten them.
  10. Re-connect the fan wire harness.
  11. Replace the hopper service panel and screw it into place.

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