Replacing a Lid Sensor & Light - Touchscreen Grills

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How to install a lid sensor/light on a Timberline or Ironwood grill. 

PART NUMBER: KIT0633 Lid/Light Sensor with Lid Magnet

Replacement Steps

IMPORTANT: Before proceeding

To continue you'll need to remove your hopper service panel. To remove this panel for the first time, you'll want to use an impact driver to remove the screws behind the P.A.L rail on your hopper service panel. 

  1. If this is your first time removing the hopper service panel and you don't have an impact driver of your own. Contact our customer support team and we'll send you a complimentary manual impact driver.
    • If you already have a manual impact driver, proceed to removing the hopper service panel.
    • If you have already removed the service panel screws, you can disregard the impact driver and use a regular Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Once you've removed the screws using the impact driver, continue with the next steps outlined here in this article.

Once you've verified current firmware and have the hopper service panel removed:

  1. Turn off and unplug your grill.
  2. Remove smart combustion cover
  3. Locate lid and light sensor cables and disconnect from kirby
  4. Cut zip tie holding light / lid sensor cables
  5. Open hopper lid
  6. Remove screw holding ETL grate and remove ETL grate
  7. Remove remaining screws on the display access panel
  8. Remove display access panel with light / lid sensor attached
  9. Remove screws holding light / lid sensor to access panel
  10. Attach new lid / light sensor to access panel and repeat previous steps in the reverse order, adding a new zip tie in place of the one that was cut.
  11. Turn on your grill to see if issue has been resolved.

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