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How to replace a thermocouple on a Timberline grill.



  1. Remove side access panel.
  2. Remove the lid of the grill, by removing the top half of the hinges.
  3. Locate the Thermocouple wire cover, in between the hoper and the grill lid.
    • Remove this by removing one Phillips head screw.
  4. Remove the Thermocouple window on the back of the grill by removing 2 Phillips head screws.
  5. Locate the stainless steel clip holding the thermocouple wire in place.
  6. Remove the thermocouple by loosening the thermocouple bracket clamp screw.
  7. Inside the hopper locate the bright yellow thermocouple wire and gently pull old thermocouple out now that all fasteners are removed.
  8. Take new thermocouple wire and feed it into the opening of the back of the hopper.
  9. Feed the wire though the window on the back of the grill and up into the thermocouple bracket clamp.
  10. See drawing for specific length.
  11. Tighten clamp, put window back on, and put wire cover on.
  12. Connect thermocouple to motherboard following + and - symbols.
  13. Put smart combustion cover back on motherboard.
  14. Put hopper access panel back on grill.
  15. Reinstall lid.

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