'Preheat Complete' Alert

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What to do if you get a Preheat Complete alert before your grill has reached the set temperature.

When Will I Get a 'Preheat Complete' Notification?

It is normal for your app or grill to say that the grill has gotten to temp or that preheat completed prior to it actually reaching the set temperature.

Grills trigger a Preheat Complete message based on one of two factors: Time or Temperature.

  • TEMPERATURE: The grill is within 5°F/2.7°C of the set temperature.
  • TIME: The grill has been in preheat mode for at least 10 minutes.
    • If the grill is in Preheat Mode for more than 10 minutes, you can expect to get the Preheat Complete notification early. Preheat Mode begins after the ignition sequence ends.

I'm Getting a 'Preheat Complete' Alert too Early

Many variables come into play during ignition that could prolong the preheat time, such as cold weather, grill cleanliness, grill model, etc.

New Timberlines sometimes take longer than previous grills to get to the set temperature, meaning premature preheat alerts may be more common.

We are continuously fine-tuning our firmware to improve this experience.


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