Temp Sensor not Detected - Touchscreen Grills

What's in This Article?

Information on the controller "Temp Sensor Not Detected" and what to do when this happens on your new Timberline. 




The grill detects improper thermocouple readings. This is usually due to a damaged thermocouple.


What Does the Grill Do when this Error Occurs?

The grill starts a shutdown cycle.


What to Do

  1. Check your grill's firmware to make sure it's on the latest version.
  2. Ensure the grill is cool and finished with its shutdown cycle.
  3. Run a SELF-TEST.
  4. On the controller display, go to MENU>MAINTENANCE & CARE>SELF-TEST. The test should take about 10 seconds to complete. 
  5. If the thermocouple test fails, contact Customer Support.

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