Auger & Auger Motors

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This article will review augers and auger motors in non-WiFIRE grills.



An auger is a rotating metal shaft with a blade at the end that feeds a small number of pellets from the grill hopper to the firepot. The igniter rod/Hot rod lights the pellets and primes the fire, raising the grill to an initial starting temperature based on the controller setting. 

Normal Auger Behavior

It is normal for the auger to cycle on and off as it feeds pellets into the firepot. 



The term “auger motor” refers to a device consisting of an electric motor and a reduction gearbox that turns an auger shaft at a predetermined rate (typically 2 RPM, but this can vary) to deliver fuel (i.e., wood pellets) from the hopper to the firepot in a pellet grill. 

Normal Auger Motor Behavior

It is normal for the Auger Motor to sway or rock at times. Some movement will be expected as the auger turns to feed pellets through the auger shaft. 



Auger Disconnected

This error occurs when the controller does not detect the auger motor. First, check if the motor is plugged in and restart your grill. If the issue persists, call Customer Service for further assistance. 

Auger Overcurrent

This error occurs if the auger motor is damaged or jammed. Please see the article on Auger Overcurrent Error Message for more steps on resolving this. 
If the problem continues, call Customer Service for further assistance. 



How to clear an auger jam

Clearing an Auger Jam in an AC Grill.
Clearing an Auger Jam in a WiFi Grill

Clicking sound Clicking
Auger not turning Auger Not Turning
Auger spinning backward Auger Spinning Backward
Auger feeding pellets during shutdown Auger Continuously Feeding Pellets
How to replace an auger & auger motor

Replacing an Auger Motor on an AC Grill
Replacing an Auger & Auger Motor on a D2 Grill
Replacing an Auger & Auger Motor on a Timberline Grill




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