Ash - Timberlines & Ironwoods

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Let's set expectations on how much ash is normal in Timberline and Ironwood grills and what to do if you feel your grill is producing more ash buildup than expected.

Ash & Sawdust Expectations

While the new Timberline grills feature a new grease management system that channels the majority of both grease and ash into the EZ Clean Grease & Ash Keg, you should still expect to see ash accumulation in your grill, particularly in the grill barrel underneath the Evenflow Heat Shield.

This is normal, and you should continue to practice suggested maintenance practices.


Does Ash Buildup Impact Grill Functionality

Ash buildup between suggested maintenance scheduling should not impact the grill's ability to operate as designed. To ensure the most optimal performance, follow suggested maintenance schedules.

I Think My Grill Has More Ash Than Normal

Should you feel that your grill has more ash than the expectations provided above, make sure the firepot is installed properly.

Grill Maintenance

Although ash build-up is normal, we recommend vacuuming out your grill at least every two months, but ideally after every 24 hours of cook time. See the 'Deep Clean' section in Cleaning Your Traeger Pellet Grill for vacuuming information.

Please refer to our 'Cleaning the All New Timberline Grill' video to learn how to clean your grill.


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