Your Phone Wasn't Able to Connect to Your Grill - Pairing Error

What's in This Article?

What to do to if you get a message saying, Unable to Connect to Grill... Your phone wasn't able to connect to your grill..." when pairing a grill to the Traeger app.

Common Causes

There are three common causes of this error:

Cause 1 - Already Connected

The grill is already connected to a WiFi network.

Cause 2 - Network Name or Password

When pairing a grill manually (without a QR Code) the grill network name and/or password were entered incorrectly.

Cause 3 - VPN

Your phone is connected to a VPN, meaning the grill and the phone are connected to different networks and are unable to find one another.

What Do I Do to Fix This?

Diagnose WiFi Connectivity Issues with Our Self-Serve App

For any error regarding WiFi connectivity, we suggest using our free WiFi diagnostics self-help app to begin troubleshooting. This app will analyze your home network from your grill's location and offer suggestions to improve your WiFi connectivity.

  1. Download the RouteThis Helps app for iOS or Android.
  2. Open the app and tap Begin.
  3. Enter the code, TRGR.
  4. Stand next to your grill and tap, Network Scan. Keep the app open during the 2-minute scan.
  5. Tap Improve Traeger Performance and follow the instructions in the app.

Cause 1 Resolution - Already Connected

  1. Check to see if your grill is already connected to a WiFi network.
    • navigating on the grill to Menu > WiFi Settings
  2. If the SSID and Signal Strength fields are populated, the grill is already connected to a network.
    1. Select Forget Network on the grill.
    2. Restart your grill and begin the pairing process again.

Cause 2 Resolution - Network Name or Password

  1. Restart the pairing process by verifying your grill's network name and password are entered correctly.
  2. The grill network name looks like “Traeger-XXXX” where “XXXX” can be any combination of letters and numbers.
  3. Grill WiFi password looks like “WIFIREYYYY” where “YYYY” can be any combination of numbers.

Cause 3 Resolution - VPN

  1. Disconnect from the VPN.
  2. Re-pair, making sure that both your phone and your grill are connected to the same network.

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