Where's My Order?

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You can view your order's status in two ways:

  1. Track via your order confirmation email
  2. Track directly from Traeger.com

Track Your Order Using Your Order Confirmation Email

Once you complete your order, you'll get an order confirmation email from Traeger <info@traegergrills.com> with the subject line, "Confirmation of your Order <order_number>." 

Click on the link in the email. This link is specific to your order and will take you directly to the order's tracking information.


Track Your Order on Traeger.com

If the link in your order confirmation email doesn't work for whatever reason, you can track your order directly on Traeger.com.

  1. Open your confirmation email and find your order number.
  2. Visit, https://www.traeger.com/order-tracking 
  3. Enter the email addressed associated with the account used to place the order and your order number
  4. See your order status!


Lost & Missing Orders

If you believe your order has been lost in shipping or if your order arrived missing items, please contact Traeger Customer Support.


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