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We want everyone to experience the magic of a Traeger grill, which is why we're proud to partner with Affirm. Affirm is a financing program that can assist you in paying for purchases you make over time, instead of paying for products, such as Traeger grills, upfront and in full.


How Do Affirm Payment Plans Work?

When you make a purchase using an Affirm payment plan, you are using Affirm as a lender. Affirm pays Traeger the full amount for the item upon purchase, and you are responsible to pay principal and applicable interest to Affirm.

When Can I Use Affirm as a Payment Option?

If approved, you can use Affirm for payment plans when purchasing an order more than $300 from

Where Can I Ask Questions about My Affirm Payment Plan?

If you have questions about your Affirm payment plan, want to make a payment, want to update your payment information, or have other questions, please contact Affirm's Customer Support.

Affirm Contact Information

How to Place an Order on Using Affirm

Once you're ready to make their purchase on, follow these steps to use an Affirm payment plan:

  1. Navigate through checkout, entering your shipping information until you get to the Billing page.
  2. Under PAYMENT METHOD, select the affirm option.
  3. After verifying all other billing information is correct, click, REVIEW ORDER.
  4. Review your information and click, CHECK OUT WITH AFFIRM.
  5. In a pop-up window, the customer will be asked to enter their mobile number and verify their number with the verification code sent to them.
    affirm-VerifyPhone.png  affirm-VerificationCode.png 
  6. Enter personal information to create the Affirm account.
  7. Enter date of birth and the last 4 digits of the Social Security Number to get approved for the loan.
  8. If approved, the customer will then be able to choose an option for the extend of the loan at varying interest rates.
  9. Review the payment plan and check out!

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