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Whether you're new to the Traegerhood or a seasoned griller, you may not know which grill sounds are normal. We're here to help you identify the most common grill sounds and whether or not they're serious.



Traeger grills have two fan blades that make whirling sounds. These sounds are normal and mean that the grill is functioning properly.


You may hear clicking sounds; this may mean that your grill's fan blades are hitting the grill's wires.

To stop the clicking sounds, please take the steps below:

  1. Remove the hopper's bottom or side panel.
  2. Check if there are wires blocking the fan.
  3. Pull the wires away from the fan.
  4. Grab a zip tie and bundle the wires together.


If you hear grinding sounds, it may be due to your grill's auger being off-center in the auger tube.

To stop the grinding sounds, please take the steps below:

  1. Check if the auger is centered in the auger tube.
    1. If the auger is not centered in the auger tube, please center it. 
  2. Check if the auger is warped.
    1. If your auger is warped, please contact Customer Service


Lid burps are uncommon and only happen if your grill doesn't shut down correctly after a flameout or a Low Error Reading (LEr). 

Your grill will experience ash buildup in the firepot if it didn't shut down properly after an LEr or a flameout. The pellets won't ignite when you start your grill due to ash buildup.

However, pellets will continue to feed into your grill's firepot. Your grill will experience gas buildup, resulting in your grill "burping," or the lid opening on its own. 

If your grill experiences a flameout or an LEr, please take the steps below to prevent a lid burp:

  1. Run your grill through the proper Grill Shutdown Cycle. 
  2. Vacuum out you grill and the firepot.
  3. Place fresh pellets in the firepot before restarting your grill, or before the next time you cook.


Your grill's motors spin slowly. If you hear your grill make clicking sounds, the motor may have problems. The motor may be hitting cables inside your grill's hopper.

To fix the motor, please take the step below:

  1. Grab a zip tie and bundle the cables inside the hopper together. 


If you hear your grill squeak, your grill's lid and hopper's lid hinges may be too tight.

To stop your grill's squeaking, please take the step below:

  1. Use a screwdriver to loosen your lid's screws.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service.


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