How to Season Your AC Grill

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We're so excited that you've chosen to join the Traeger Nation. Before cooking on your Traeger, you need to season your non-WiFIRE, or AC, grill (the initial burn-in). This is a simple, one-time process that will burn off any residual, food-grade, non-toxic mineral oil used to prevent rusting, from the manufacturing process.



The seasoning process for an AC/non-WiFIRE grill typically takes 1 hour from startup to shutdown to complete the seasoning process. 

NOTE: During the burn-in process, it is normal to experience an odd smell due to burning off the residual manufacturing oils.

  1. Plug in the grill to an electrical outlet. Turn it on using the switch on the front of the controller.
  2. Add hardwood pellets to the hopper.
  3. Prime the auger with pellets.
    1. Open the lid and remove all internal components, like the grill grate, drip tray, and heat baffle.
    2. On the grill controller, set the grill to High (or the highest temp possible) until you see pellets fall into the firepot, about 2 to 5 minutes.
  4. Turn off the grill using the power switch on the front of the controller.
  5. Return all the internal components to the grill. This includes the heat baffle, drip tray, and grill grates.
  6. Turn on the grill, close the lid, and set the controller to SMOKE.
  7. Wait approximately 15 minutes for the fire to establish in the grill. Once the fire is established, the smoke should be thin and light blue in color, not thick and white.
  8. Using the grill controller, turn the grill to High (or the highest temp possible).
  9. Run the grill on High for 30 minutes.
  10. After 30 minutes, you are good to throw a steak on the grill and start cooking. If you aren’t ready for your first cook, shut down the grill.
  11. Set the grill to Shutdown Cycle. The shutdown cycle will run approximately 25 minutes.
  12. Once the shutdown cycle is complete, turn off the grill using the power switch.
  13. Your grill seasoning is now complete and you are ready to start grilling.



Any time you install new internal parts for your grill (heat baffle, drip tray, firepot, or an entirely new barrel), we advise you to burn in/season your grill again in order to remove any anti-rust oils that ship with the parts. 


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