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Do you hear a clicking sound coming from your grill? Let's figure out what's going on. 



If you hear a slow clicking sound, you may have an issue with your auger motor or with your auger itself.


First, let's inspect the auger itself to see if it is bent or twisted. The auger is the corkscrew mechanism that slowly feeds your pellets from the hopper into the firepot. The chances of the auger screw being bent are small, but it is possible on older grills. 

  1. Remove the auger and roll it on a flat surface.
  2. The auger should roll smoothly across the surface.
  3. If it does not, please call Customer Service.

NOTE - for further instructions on removing your auger, please check out our corresponding article depending on the type of grill you have: 

    • Replacing an Auger and Auger Motor on a D2 Grill
    • Replacing an Auger on an AC Grill

If you have checked the auger and it appears to be in good condition, there is a chance that gears within your auger motor are malfunctioning. If this is the case, please call Customer Service for additional assistance. 



If you hear a rapid clicking, chances are you have an issue with your auger fan.

Auger fans exist only on AC grills (a non-WiFIRE-enabled grill or a 2018 Timberline) and is attached to your grill's auger, facing the sidewall of the hopper. When moving, the auger fan indicates that the auger is running. 

It is possible that the auger fan is hitting something nearby, such as the sidewall if the grill has been dented or a zip tie that keeps wires together that sit near the fan.

    1. To check if anything is in the way of the fan, remove the bottom panel of your hopper and examine if there is anything in the fan's path.
    2. If found, move the obstruction out of the fan's path. 



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